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Mádara Cosmetics is a series of natural cosmetics founded in Latvia in 2006, based on four values: naturalness, humanity, science and sustainable development. Mádara manufactures its products ethically and supports the world of the future with its values. It is certified according to international Ecocert standards, being a completely natural and ecological product line. Mádara only uses manufacturing techniques that promote the well-being of humans and the environment.


This article was created in partnership with Natural Goods Company and Mádara to promote the sustainable values ​​of the Post-Pandemic World. An interview with marketing manager Ieva Elferte from Mádara.

Genes determine whose skin will become clogged.  Is it possible to prevent acne?

I.E. Yes, acne can be triggered by genetic predisposition and other factors such as hormonal changes that you cannot directly influence. However, there are things you can do to prevent acne, like making healthy lifestyle changes and adopting a regular skincare routine with appropriate products.

Could you tell us about your range of Acne-products? 

I.E. The ACNE collection from MÁDARA Organic Skincare is based on biotechnologically derived juniper stem cells, and our targeted ACNE treatments – Acute Spot Roll-On and Intense Blemish & Pore Treatment – have become customer favourites. 

To offer a complete anti-acne routine, we introduced two new innovations this year – a  non-drying face wash and microbiome-balancing moisturiser, specifically designed to provide gentle care for acne-prone complexions. Alongside antibacterial juniper stem cells, the new formulas feature an antioxidant complex of extracts of lichen and maté tea, as well as sebum-regulating fermented polysaccharides to balance the skin’s microbiome, helping to improve the condition of blemish-prone skin.

All MÁDARA ACNE range products are Natural certified by ECOCERT/Cosmos, free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial colourants, chemical UV filters, microplastics and other questionable ingredients. The products have been dermatologically tested and are vegan-friendly. 

Taking care of blemish-prone skin can be challenging at any age, but it can be particularly confusing for teenagers who are just starting to learn how to navigate their skincare routine. The ACNE products have been created with this mind, providing straight-forward and effective solutions for good skincare habits without compromise.

Do you have any other special launches coming?

I.E. A very exciting product we have recently brought to the market is the new Deep Matter Bold Volume mascara. Launching the very first MÁDARA mascara took us nearly 3 years, as developing a clean, natural formula without compromising on dream performance and quality – not even a tiny bit – was quite the challenge.

We were busy looking for the right ingredients to replace common synthetic chemicals, as well as creating the right composition to ensure the desired effect that’s complemented by strong reinforcing and conditioning benefits. It is truly an amazing product. We hope it will become the go-to of our clients and makeup artists that already love and use our products for beauty editorials, fashion shows and other creative intentions.

Mádara is a natural cosmetics brand. In terms of sustainability, what would you say is the major issue in the beauty industry?

I.E. Sustainability, transparency and respect towards the environment, customers and employees have been a part of the company’s DNA since day one. While global companies have recently made loud statements about implementing various sustainability practices (recyclable packaging, cleaner formulas, lower CO2 emissions, etc.) in the next decades, MADARA Cosmetics has been doing it since its inception in 2006. 

To quote Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere, MÁDARA founder and creative director:

“I founded MÁDARA in quest for no-compromise skin care, based on 3 fundamentals – organic ingredients, innovation and sustainability. We are glad to see that ingredients, sustainability and transparency are becoming trendy topics, discussed in media by influencers and consumers more often. What was once a niche option, now becomes a default demand. Production, sourcing and packaging processes all have their impacts. When producers and customers realise how deep and wide these impacts are, more informed decisions can be made on both sides of the counter.”

The star ingredient of our new ACNE range – plant stem cells – have been obtained through sustainable biotechnologies, which allow us to enjoy the skincare benefits of endangered plant species without doing any harm to the plants or their natural habitat. We use this innovative stem cell technology to harness the good-to-skin qualities of Norther Juniper, creating natural yet highly effective solutions for acne-prone skin.

On top of that, the packaging for the new ACNE products is 100% recyclable and utilises post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) to give second life to plastic pollution.

Almost everyone has pimples on their face at some point. So for an issue so common, why does acne skin carry such a harmful stigma?

I.E. We believe it is very important to normalise blemishes, spots and other skin imperfections. Unfortunately stigma indeed exists, especially around adult acne – negative misconceptions are still common, for example, believing that acne arises from having bad hygiene or not taking proper care of your skin. It has been scientifically proven that acne can have a significant negative impact on the quality of a person’s life, severely affecting their mental health.

Conversely, we have seen numerous examples where improvements in skin condition have had an enormously positive effect on other areas of a person’s life. Acne affects up to 95% of teens and 15% of adults – we want to help people have more clear skin days while encouraging them to feel good in their skin.

Skin problems are rarely the result of poor skin care.  What does “normal” skin look like?

I.E. That is true, the key factors that can trigger acne are genetic predisposition, hormonal cycles, poor diet, stress, smoking, medication, and comedogenic cosmetics which can clog pores and subsequently lead to acne.

We encourage focusing on the factors that you can influence yourself, for example, reducing sugar intake and smoking, managing your stress levels. In addition to lifestyle changes, mild to moderate acne can successfully be managed with a consistent skincare routine and appropriate products, meanwhile more severe cases often require medical treatment. 

“Normal skin” is a healthy skin that an individual feels good in.

Tell us more about the special ingredients you’ve chosen for this acne range?

I.E. The ingredient complex found in our ACNE products is the ultimate combo for soothing, balancing and improving the appearance of acne-prone complexions – all while being gentle to the skin. 

Featuring calming and anti-inflammatory properties, FERMENTED POLYSACCHARIDES work to regulate the skin’s microbiome, helping to prevent future blemishes.

Derived through innovative biotechnologies, NORTHERN JUNIPER STEM CELLS boast strong antimicrobial and blemish-soothing qualities that help inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria. These unique plant stem cells are also rich in antioxidants, effectively scavenging free radicals and protecting the skin against oxidative stress, making it a multifunctional ingredient both for teenage and adult acne.

Lastly, EXTRACTS OF LICHEN AND MATÉ TEA combine to create a powerful combination with strong soothing and antioxidant benefits.

How have you developed the product line to be compatible with acne medications prescribed by doctors?

I.E. Using topical acne medication prescribed by doctors may potentially dry out the skin, especially for adults, since their skin tends to be more fragile and sensitive than teen skin. 

Taking care of acne-prone complexions requires a gentle approach, as harsh products can damage the skin’s barrier by stripping away moisture, which may cause irritation and inflammation. We developed our ACNE face wash with this in mind – the non-drying formula delivers an effective yet gentle cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural moisture while helping to regulate sebum. 

Oily and acne-prone skin types require lightweight moisture that won’t clog pores, which can be one of the main causes of breakouts. The non-comedogenic formula of ACNE Hydra-Derm fluid provides necessary hydration and comfort without blocking pores, helping to prevent future blemishes.

Both products have been dermatologically tested together with a topical retinoid medication, which is known to possibly cause irritation and dryness, and proven to improve the condition of patients’ skin while providing hydration and comfort.

*Dermatological trial, 13 acne patients, 4 weeks of using both products simultaneously alongside a topical retinoid medication, known to possibly cause irritation and dryness.

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