Cannabeauty is here to stay

Cannabis has become one of the most innovative and successful industries worldwide. Thanks to more advanced legislation, investors are plowing millions into the emerging cannabidiol (CBD) market in Europe. Based on their own experiences, Josefin Landgård and Stina Lönnkvist, the pioneers of the trendiest ingredient in the beauty and wellness industry today, founded Mantle in Stockholm to bring stress-reducing, balancing and strengthening CBD products to consumers.

What kind of unique health benefits do CBD products bring to cosmetics?


S.L. It is a powerful and exclusive ingredient with lots of benefits. High quality CBD is the savior in the need for stressed, tired dry skin. The ingredient is deeply soothing, moisturizing and maxed out with antioxidants that fight free radicals. CBD also boosts collagen production, which is the most important factor in maintaining elasticity and radiance in the skin.

Have you encountered any prejudice against your brand? What kind?


S.L. Not against our brand per se but we have been on the forefront of educating the many misconceptions about CBD. Yes, CBD comes from the cannabis plant, but is not to be confused with the (in)famous compound THC - known for causing a high. The cannabis plant has an unfairly bad rep because people's minds are immediately drawn to weed, but in reality, the plant can be used for hundreds of purposes. At MANTLE, we want to reclaim the multi-functionality of the cannabis plant. However, I think the most powerful move is to actually get people to try the products and experience the magic.

Who are your products aimed at?


S.L. Our products are aimed at curious and bold women of all ages who want both simple, natural and effective skincare solutions.

You launched The High Road perfume oil in collaboration with CRA-YON. Where did the idea come from?


S.L. Ever since we founded MANTLE, we’ve dreamed of creating this product. We’re experts in CBD and CRA-YON in perfume making and together we wanted to capture the essence of cannabis and turn it into a fragrance. When CRA-YON presented the scent we were completely floored. It’s like nothing you smelled before! To us, it was essential to create a multipurpose product: The High Road is part CBD oil, part aroma therapy, and part signature scent.

How did Mantle get started?


S.L. Both me and my co-founder Josefin Landgård found CBD during hectic times and fell in love. On a business trip to NYC, Josefin noticed that CBD was the topic du jour in any room, and literally everything - from drinks, to beauty products, to supplements, to intimate products - was infused with CBD. When she came back it didn’t take long until she and I met and we instantly hit it off and that’s when it all fell into place. Our mission with MANTLE is to create perfect formulations for beauty and health, elevated by cannabis.

What does CBD mean?


S.L. CBD is an exclusive active extract found in the leaves of the cannabis plant. CBD is mostly known for its ability to bring balance and an increased sense of centeredness to mind and body, but this is just one of its many superpowers. What’s not as commonly known is that CBD is a remarkable botanical for the skin.

Are you sure it's safe to use?


S.L. Yes it’s completely safe to use since CBD is not psychoactive (to some people’s relief and other’s disappointment). Instead, it has a natural balancing effect on body, mind and skin.

What does the future of cannabis-based cosmetics look like and what could be further developed?


S.L. We have big dreams and plans in the works for MANTLE and we strongly believe that CBD and cannabeauty is here to stay. Right now we’re focused on expanding our range and will be launching more products during the spring. Our long term goal is to build a wellness and beauty universe elevated by cannabis, so expect to see more of us.

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