An interview with Erik Olsson

Erik Olsson is a new generation Stockholm-based fashion designer who graduated from the famous Beckmans College of Design in Sweden. His main focus is in menswear mixing street with utility. We asked him for some tips and recommendations related to Stockholm and career choices.

How are you? Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?



I’m Erik Olsson, I currently work as a designer for BLK DNM

I’m a BA fashion graduate from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. My main focus is in menswear, mixing fashion with utility. My interest in fashion started during my teenage years as a BMX rider and sneakerhead looking at the dress codes in my subculture and what we communicated with our clothes. A lot of my own projects are based on exploring aesthetics that goes hand in hand with the functionality and sustainability of a garment.

What inspires you?

E.O. Looking at society and the current world we live in, how it affects us on different levels. Products that can be used in more than one way always excites me, the thoughtfulness put into that product for it to be more than one thing inspires me. Also the need to dress yourself everyday, the decisions made before you leave your home, your safe space.

How would you describe your design process?

E.O. A mix of everyday Realism & Stories.

I like to have a grounded concept where the wearer is in focus. It’s a mix of sketching, researching and trying ideas in fabric.

A lot of trial and error.

Could you describe your personal style to us?

E.O. You will se me in a Cap, Hoodie & Jeans usually in the color black.

What are your favourite places in Stockholm?

E.O. I’m pretty new to living in Stockholm and have only lived here during the pandemic, I’m originally from Uppsala, a city north of Stockholm. Right now I'm located in Hornstull at the edge of Södermalm. So I'm happy I will be able to explore what Stockholm has to offer now when society opens up again.

Your favourite designers?

E.O. At the moment Im looking at a lot of vintage Katharine Hamnett outerwear, they have great details. Two designers I admire are Craig Green & Errolson Hugh (Acronym)

I did an internship at Craig Green in London 2018 and learned a lot from that experience.

What tips would you give to those dreaming of a career as a fashion designer?

E.O. Be curious and dedicated to your craft. In today's landscape you can label yourself as almost anything when it comes to your work. I don't think the young generation growing up now are going to label themself just as a ”Designer”, ”Artist” or ”Painter” and so on. We are so much more than just one thing. Today you can learn new skills in just a few hours online, but to master them takes time. So just go out and explore your creativity.

Where do you see yourself in the future? What are you aiming for?

E.O. When it comes to my career I see myself learning and progressing my skills as a designer. I aim to pick up my graduation project “BOJSKAUT” in a couple of years and create my own brand. I want to keep exploring the possibilities of multifunction in different garments.

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